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Women's Workforce Challenges Pre-date COVID-19

Commentary by Kellie Campbell, Ed.D., VCW co-chair


Public Hearing | Reproductive Liberty Amendment (Prop 5)

The Reproductive Liberty Amendment (RLA) to the Vermont Constitution has passed in the Vermont Senate twice, in April 2019 and in April 2021, and in the Vermont House once in May 2019. The House will vote again soon. If the House passes the RLA again, Vermont voters will decide whether to adopt the Amendment on Election Day in November of this year.

On Wednesday, January 26th from 6:00 - 8:00 pm, the House Committee on Human Services will hold a public hearing.


UN)Equal Pay Day Podcast Series

VCW launched a series of podcast conversations in 2021, continuing our decades-long practice of drawing Vermonter’s attention to the gender wage gap by marking Equal Pay Day. 

Our plans expanded beyond exclusively highlighting “all women’s” Equal Pay Day and we focused on multiple widely recognized Equal Pay Days throughout the year. 


Latina (Un)Equal Pay Podcast Conversation Released by Vermont Commission on Women

(Montpelier) - The Vermont Commission on Women has just released Latina (Un)Equal Pay, the fifth in a series of podcast conversations examining the ways sexism, racism, homophobia, and ableism intersect, creating much larger wage gaps for women of color, women living with disabilities, and members of our LGBTQ+ community.


Women with Disabilities: Vermont Commission on Women’s New (Un)Equal Pay Podcast Conversation

Sarah Launderville, Executive Director of the Vermont Center for Independent Living, moderates this dialogue with guests Deborah Lisi-Baker, Winnie Looby, Cara Sachs, and Laura Siegel in the new podcast in the Vermont Commission on Women’s (Un)Equal Pay Day series.


“Vermont is the only state to have not yet elected a woman to serve in Congress, a fact the nonpartisan Vermont Commission on Women has lamented.” - Jack Thurston, NECN

"Vermont should never be last in something like this again," Lisa Senecal insisted in August 2020. Senecal co-chairs the (VT) commission (on Women), which works to advance opportunities for women and girls. "Women's voices are important," Senecal said in that interview.


Vermont Women Business Owners: This Way Up!

We are thrilled to help promote This Way UP a website and campaign to identify Vermont women-owned businesses and women leaders, just launched by the Vermont Women’s Fund.


Essential at Work and Home, Women and Covid-19

A newly-released video from UVM’s Larner College of Medicine’s Gender Equity Education Series captures VCW Executive Director Cary Brown's presentation, "Essential at Work and Home, Women and Covid-19" from September 13th.


#MakeWorkWorkForUs Stories: Julie Scribner, retired Vermont State Police Captain

Julie Scribner with quoteIn her 20-year career with the Vermont State Police, Julie Scribner encountered an “astonishingly low” number of women with young children on the force.

“When I came on the job, I was a single mom. My kids were turning 5 and 10. This is not the kind of job that’s conducive to single parenthood,” Julie says.


Vermonters Report Household Impacts of COVID-19: Survey Findings Highlight Challenges and the Supports Vermonters Say They Need Most

(Montpelier) - Pandemic-related disruptions in school and child care; inequitable divisions of household labor; increases in depression, anxiety, and substance use; and economic concerns greatly impacted Vermonters in the last year, according to a just-released survey about the impacts of COVID-19 on American households.