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Co-Chairs Lisa Senecal, Kiah Morris, and Kellie B. Campbell Lead Vermont Commission on Women

(Montpelier, VT) - The Vermont Commission on Women (VCW), state government’s independent non-partisan commission advancing rights and opportunities for Vermont women and girls, begins work this fall under a new leadership structure, broadening from one to three Chairs.  Lisa Senecal was re-elected to the position and is joined by fellow Commissioners Kiah Morris and Kellie B.


Apply for an Appointment to Serve as VCW Commissioner

Vermonters – are you looking for a way to put your ideals of gender, racial, and economic justice into action? The Vermont Commission on Women has one opening for a new member, to start immediately.


#MakeWorkWorkForUs Stories: Cara Chigazola-Tobin, Burlington, VT - Chef/Owner of Honey Road

Cara Tobin pictured with quoteWhen the pandemic hit, Cara Tobin had a 7-month-old and a 4-year-old at home and was working 50-plus hours a week as the chef/owner of Honey Road in Burlington.


#MakeWorkWorkForUs Stories: Taylor Mendell, Starksboro, VT - Co-owner of Footprint Farm

Taylor pictured with quoteIt would be much easier for Taylor Mendell and her partner to keep their Starksboro farm running if they had access to child care for their 10-month-old son Theo.


#MakeWorkWorkForUs Stories: Megan Foote, Fair Haven, VT

Megan Foote pictured with quoteMegan Foote’s 3-year-old daughter had just started full-time child care -- after years of cobbling together care and relying on family and friends in Rutland County -- when the program had to shut down due to COVID-19. 


Alex Hilliard of Poultney Appointed to the Vermont Commission on Women

(Montpelier) – The Senate Committee on Committees has appointed Alex Hilliard of Poultney to serve on the Vermont Commission on Women (VCW), the state’s non-partisan commission working to advance rights and opportunities for women and girls.


Latina (Un)Equal Pay Podcast Conversation Released by Vermont Commission on Women

(Montpelier) - The Vermont Commission on Women has just released Latina (Un)Equal Pay, the fifth in a series of podcast conversations examining the ways sexism, racism, homophobia, and ableism intersect, creating much larger wage gaps for women of color, women living with disabilities, and members of our LGBTQ+ community.


Women with Disabilities: Vermont Commission on Women’s New (Un)Equal Pay Podcast Conversation

Sarah Launderville, Executive Director of the Vermont Center for Independent Living, moderates this dialogue with guests Deborah Lisi-Baker, Winnie Looby, Cara Sachs, and Laura Siegel in the new podcast in the Vermont Commission on Women’s (Un)Equal Pay Day series.


#MakeWorkWorkForUs Stories: Marikje Shelmandine, Jericho VT - Owner of “It’s Arthur’s Fault”

Marikje pictured with quoteMarikje Shelmandine took over her father’s beloved sauce and marinade business, “It’s Arthur’s Fault,” after he passed away suddenly in May 2018. 

“My dad was this gregarious personality who everyone loved and he was a genius with sauces,” Marikje said. “But he wasn’t just my business partner, he was our child care.” 


LGBTQ+ Community Equal Pay Podcast Conversation: Episode 3 of our Equal Pay Day Podcast Series

HB Lozito, the Executive Director of Out in the Open and Representative Taylor Small, the Pride Center of Vermont’s Director of Health & Wellness speak with Vermont Commission on Women (VCW) Commissioner Sarah Mell in this third podcast in the Commission’s Equal Pay Day series.