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Blocks of color, logo, and title, Committee Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

Committee Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

VCW establishes committees in priority areas to study issues and to make recommendations to the full commission.  Each one of our 16 commissioners serves on a committee, and membership is extended to our advisors, as well as community members. Among other activities, committees:

  • review VCW policy positions and recommend updates and changes to the full commission
  • provide information and research to contribute to policy briefs and other educational materials developed by staff
  • bring new issues to the attention of staff and commissioners
  • review emerging issues and identify information, resources, guest speakers, questions, etc. that the commission may need
  • recommend action for the commission to take in response to information presented and discussions happening at commission meetings
  • identify key issues and questions relating to proposed or pending legislation

Committees generally meet by video conference outside of full commission meetings.  Each committee is supported by a dedicated VCW staff member or members who facilitate meeting operations, including scheduling, public warning, and posting of minutes.  Committee meetings are open to the public. Please contact VCW staff in advance to confirm date and time or to join the meeting in-office or on a committee conference call.

Health Equity Committee

Workplace Equity & Security Committee

Housing & Caregiving Committee


Work of Prior VCW Committees

Criminal Legal System Committee

Economic Equity & Security Committee

Education & Human Development Committee

Health & Safety Committee

Committee agendas and minutes from prior years are available upon request.