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Color Block with Title, 50th anniversary logo with dove and 1964-2014

50th Anniversary

April 9th, 2014 | State House Reception Celebrating VCW's 50th Anniversary

Event Materials

Congressional Delegation Statements and Letters

Senator Leahy's Congressional Record statement:

SEn. Leahy's vcw anniversary statement

Congressman Welch's letter:

Welch statement on our 50th

Senator Sanders' letter:


Sen. Sanders' statement

Event Photographs

Governor Kunin, event keynote speaker and former (and original) VCW commissioner

Event keynote speaker Governor Kunin, also a former VCW commissioner

Diane Derby reads a statement from Sen. Leahy's congressional record.
Diane Derby reads from Sen. Leahy's congressional record statement honoring VCW's anniversary

Commissioners Danielle Martel (holding Sen. Leahy's Congressional Record statement honoring VCW) and Gretchen Bailey
Commissioners Danielle Martel (holding Sen. Leahy's Congressional Record statement) and commissioner Gretchen Bailey

Center Sen. Leahy's Congressional Record statement, Right Sen. Sanders' statement, left Congressman Welch's statement
(Center) Senator Leahy's Congressional Record statement, (right) Senator Sanders' statement, (left) Congressman Welch's statement

Patricia Coates from Congressman Welch's office
Patricia Coates reads Congressman Welch's statement of support and celebration

Commissioner Gretchen Bailey
VCW commissioner Gretchen Bailey reads Senator Sanders' letter celebrating VCW's 50th

 VCW E.D. Cary Brown and Gov. Kunin with anniversary cake
VCW Executive Director Cary Brown and Gov. Kunin with the anniversary cake

Commissioner Marion Milne opened the event with a speech addressing her experience

An excerpt from Marion's speech: "...My time on the Commission, through three governors, has been an enriching and enlightening experience. I have felt the strength of sisterhood, and I have discovered over and over that what we dream can come true, as long as we can stay focused. Change is hard. Tradition is often an excuse for not changing. Yet we must be patient and we must be smart. And we will prevail..."

Former Commissioners Allan Mackey served in 1970's and Governor Kunin served in 1960's
Former Commissioners Allan Mackey (served in 1970's) holding his appointment letter, signed by then Governor Kunin, who also served on the Commission in 1960's

50th anniversary cake
Celebratory cake

Rep. Cole and VCW Chair Marcia Merrill
Rep. Joanna Cole (former Advisor to Commission) with VCW Chair Marcia Merrill, moderator of the event

Young women leaders
VCW staffer Claire Greene (center), commissioner Ariel Wengroff (right) and friends

Wendy Morgan and Gretchen Bailey
Former commissioner Wendy Morgan, Chief of Public Protection at VT Attorney General's office and commissioner Gretchen Bailey

Mother-daughter commissioners Cathy Frey (left) and Marion Milne (right) with former commissioner Sandy Dooley (center) record holder for longest serving Commissioner at 19 years

350 participants
Event attendees numbered over 320

Judith Laura and Barbara
Former VCW Executive Director Judith Sutphen, Laura Lind-Blum VCW Advisor and Director of the Vermont Women's Business Center and former VCW commissioner Barbara Morrow, Director of the Community Justice Center in Newport

Card room video for 50th
The State House card room display featured a presentation of VCW's history in photos

Rickey Gard Diamond, editor of Vermont Woman newspaper with Commissioner Charlotte Dennett
Rickey Gard Diamond, editor of Vermont Woman newspaper with commissioner journalist and lawyer Charlotte Dennett

Tiff and Rep. Rachelson
Rep. Barbara Rachelson, Executive Director of Lund and Tiffany Blumele VCW Advisor and Executive Director of Vermont Works for Women

VCW staff and Commissioner Lavarnway
VCW staff with Commissioner Nancy LaVarnway

Aly Richards, Gov. Shumlin's director of special projects and intergovernmental affairs
Aly Richards, Gov. Shumlin's Director of Special Projects and Intergovernmental Affairs spoke of the Governor's support for the Commission

Cary Brown, VCW's Executive Director and former staffer Susan Sussman
Cary Brown, VCW's Executive Director and former VCW staffer Susan Sussman of Sen. Leahy's office

Secretary of Sate Jim Condos ad Sheila Reed of Voices for Vermont's Children
Secretary of State Jim Condos ad Sheila Reed of Voices for Vermont's Children

Carol and Lyn
Commissioner Carol Buchdahl and author/scholar of women's history Dr. Lyn Blackwell

VLS professor of constitutional law, Cheryl Hanna, daughter Samira Henninge and Dawn Ellis
Vermont Law School professor of constitutional law, Cheryl Hanna, daughter Samira Henninge, and Dawn Ellis

VCW Director Cary Brown presents her address, The Unfinished Agenda
Cary Brown, VCW's Executive Director presents her address: The Unfinished Agenda