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VCW Welcomes New Leadership!

The Vermont Commission on Women (VCW), state government’s independent non-partisan commission advancing rights and opportunities for Vermont women and girls welcomes new leadership. Two years ago, VCW made the change from a singular leadership to multiple Chairs, as a way to share decision-making and leadership responsibilities. In 2021, VCW elected Co-Chairs Lisa Senecal of Craftsbury, Kiah Morris of Burlington, and Kellie B. Campbell of Georgie to lead.

10 ways to support Vermont women and girls this Women’s History Month

Happy Women’s History Month! From three women-serving organizations, we hope you will take some time to celebrate and recognize the women and girls in your life by getting involved in gender equity efforts actively happening here in Vermont. Check out our list of ten ways you can get engaged, choose one or more, and share with friends and family. 

Cary Brown: Equal Pay Day 2023

This commentary is by Cary Brown of Montpelier, Vermont, the Executive Director of the Vermont Commission on Women.


Every spring, a day comes around known as Equal Pay Day (or as we at the Vermont Commission on Women often like to refer to it, “UNequal Pay Day”). This is a symbolic day chosen to represent the point in the year to which women need to work in order to earn as much money as men earned the previous year.

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