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Blocks of color, logo, and title, Equal Pay Compact

Equal Pay Compact

The Equal Pay Compact is a voluntary online pledge enabling Vermont employers to indicate their commitment to closing the gender wage gap.  By signing on, employers agree to implement tangible action steps to improve gender equity in their workplace.  VCW offers a strategies document for inspiration.  

The goal of the Compact is to help make Vermont one of the best states for working women by closing the gender wage gap, removing barriers to women's advancement, and improving economic security for women and their families. Compact signers are listed on VCW’s website with links to their business websites, recognized on its social media channels, and each receives a static cling decal to publicly display their strong commitment to ending the gender wage gap in Vermont.

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March 2023 | Equal Pay Visibility 

VCW Commissioner Kellie Campbells talks about equal pay visibility on Equal Pay Day, March 14, 2023.