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Vermont Women Business Owners: This Way Up!


We are thrilled to help promote This Way UP a website and campaign to identify Vermont women-owned businesses and women leaders, just launched by the Vermont Women’s Fund.

By going to This Way UP, women business owners and leaders can take a 10-minute online survey that identifies their business, and in real-time measures their overall impact on the state’s economy. Eye-catching infographics are constantly updated and an interactive data map tracks where businesses are located. The survey questions will also shed light on some of the challenges and barriers that women may or may not face when starting or growing their businesses.

ALL who feel comfortable with the title of “women-owned business” are invited to participate, regardless of pronouns or gender identity.  This includes those who are not officially “incorporated”, haven't hired employees, or are doing independent gigs on the side.

Engage in This Way UP to:

Be Represented
Once business owners take the survey, they're added to the #ThisWayUp report - a constantly evolving interactive database that tracks the number of women-owned businesses in the state. As a resource, it is secure, transparent, and the insights from the report are available to the public.

Get on the Map
Any business owner who enters their information will see their business added to our map of women-owned businesses around the state, creating a resource where others can find these businesses.

Join the Movement
#ThisWayUp will shine a light on stories of women making their own money their way. Help spread the word and help to create a future of representation and equity.

How does it Help Vermont?
#ThisWayUp is about representing the diversity of women owners across our state. It will give voice and visibility to the women powering the economies of our communities, no matter how small, no matter where they might be. A diverse workforce strengthens our economy, and increases opportunity for all.

Calling all women-owned businesses in VT - there is power in your numbers. Head to to show up, speak up, and shake up - take the survey and get your business counted!

Graphic link to This Way Up website