Listening Project Seeks Public Input to Guide the Work of the Vermont Commission On Women

(Montpelier) – The Vermont Commission on Women (VCW) has launched a short survey called the Listening Project, designed to help them focus their future work on issues that matter to Vermonters. The survey asks what needs aren’t being met for Vermont women, what most affects their abilities to provide for themselves or their families, and what can be done to help.

 “VCW has taken Change The Story to the next level with the Listening Project,” said Melinda Moulton, Chair of VCW’s Economic Equity and Security Committee.   Change The Story Vermont is an initiative of The Vermont Commission on Women, Vermont Works for Women, and the Vermont Women’s Fund to align policy, programs, and philanthropy to improve women’s economic status.  “Commissioners will be meeting and surveying hundreds of people throughout Vermont to understand where the needs are to ensure economic health and security for women.  I am extremely proud to be part of this important project.”

This project is just the starting point to launch future efforts. Information gathered will determine where their efforts would be best focused as well as being unveiled directly to Vermont policymakers in January. The Commission says it wants to hear from all Vermonters, not just women, to be sure that the results drive their work in the most meaningful way possible.

When asked “What do you see as the most significant challenges facing women, overall, in your community?” one survey respondent answered “Employment opportunities that provide livable wages, health benefits, and flexibility for all women whether single or those with growing families. If we had universal health care, our choice of employment could be much more flexible.” To the question “What do you think has the biggest effect on a woman's ability to have enough money to take care of herself and her family in your community?” another respondent answered, “Low wages; wage and hiring discrimination based on gender, gender identity, race; higher expenses and lack of housing and health care access.”  Detailed responses like these are exactly the information the VCW is looking for to guide them in their future endeavors.

To access the survey go to

Or call the Vermont Commission on Women at 800-881-1561 to find a survey location nearest to you.

The Vermont Commission on Women (VCW) is a non-partisan state commission advancing rights and opportunities for women and girls. Sixteen volunteer commissioners and representatives from twenty-seven organizations concerned with women’s issues guide VCW’s public education, coalition building, and advocacy efforts. VCW offers many services to the public, including a toll-free information and referral service at 800-881-1561 and many publications, including the handbook The Legal Rights of Women in Vermont. For more information, please visit