Gov. Shumlin Appoints Colin Ryan to Vermont Commission on Women

MONTPELIER – Gov. Peter Shumlin has appointed Colin Ryan of Burlington to the Vermont Commission on Women (VCW).

Established in 1964, VCW is a non-partisan state government commission advancing rights and opportunities for women and girls. Sixteen volunteer commissioners and representatives from twenty-five organizations concerned with women’s issues guide VCW’s public education, coalition building, and advocacy efforts. Commissioners serve four-year terms and are appointed by the Governor, Senate and House leadership, and the Republican and Democratic parties.

Ryan will serve as VCW’s newest commissioner and its only current male member. He is a financial literacy advocate and comedic speaker who strives to give people the skills to change their relationship to money. He is the author of numerous featured articles on financial literacy, speaks to teachers nationwide about how to improve the outcome of financial education, and has spoken to over 50,000 students and adults about money, kindness, and courage.

“I’m honored to appoint Colin to this position,” Gov. Shumlin said. “His expertise and unique way of engaging individuals in important conversations about financial literacy will provide a great benefit to the mission of the Vermont Commission on Women.”

"I'm deeply passionate about the role we all can play in moving the conversation forward around equality in the workplace and in the world. As a financial literacy advocate, my experiences speaking to audiences of all kinds have changed me as a person. I believe that financial skills are fundamental not only to career satisfaction, but to building happier lives," said Ryan.

A bedrock issue for VCW is equal pay for women. In April, Gov. Shumlin and the Vermont Commission on Women launched the Vermont Equal Pay Compact, a voluntary pledge Vermont employers sign to indicate their commitment to closing the gender wage gap in their workplace.  The Compact aims to boost wages for Vermont women, improve economic security for women and their families, and make progress towards the overdue right of equal pay for men and women.