Workplace Laws Employees And Employers Need To Know

(Montpelier) – Today, the Vermont Commission on Women released flyers to educate Vermonters

about workplace laws.

The Commission, an independent non-partisan state commission dedicated to advancing rights and

opportunities for women in Vermont, was part of a diverse stakeholders group of representatives from

state government, business, law, and labor, economists and legislators facilitated by the Attorney

General’s office which discussed and debated the equal pay law, passed this spring. These flyers are

part of a public information campaign to educate both employers and workers in Vermont about their

rights and responsibilities under this new law. The information includes other protections of interest

to working women.

Starting in January 2014, workers in Vermont will have the right to request flexible working

arrangements without fear of retaliation. Those intermediate or long-term changes might include

working from home, changes in the number of days or hours worked, changes in work arrival or

departure times or job-sharing. Employers must discuss and consider such requests at least twice

per calendar year. VCW’s Executive Director, Cary Brown in support of this provision stated, “This

law makes Vermont the first state in the country to guarantee employees’ right to request flexible

working arrangements, supporting both men’s and women’s participation in work and family


Other information incorporated includes current equal pay laws, how to handle suspected pay

discrimination, wage disclosure laws, pregnant worker’s rights, lactation accommodations, antiretaliation

protection, and information concerning family and medical leave. The flyer targeted to

employers features an equal pay audit - a checklist to help employers review fair pay policy and

procedures, and also case studies illustrating how Vermont businesses implement flexible working

arrangements. The flyer targeted to workers includes a section on what to do if you suspect pay

discrimination. Each flyer includes additional resources to learn more or get help.

To read the flyers click here.

(Issued December 6, 2013)


The Vermont Commission on Women (VCW) is an independent non-partisan state commission dedicated to advancing

rights and opportunities for women in Vermont. Launched in 1964 in response to a nation-wide call to action from

President Kennedy, VCW is made up of sixteen volunteer commissioners and an advisory council who guide VCW’s

public education, coalition building, and advocacy efforts. VCW offers many services to the public, including a toll-free

information and referral service at 800-881-1561 and many publications, including the handbook, The Legal Rights of

Women in Vermont. For more information, visit