Leaders for Equity and Equal Pay Toolkit

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The Leaders for Equity and Equal Pay Toolkit is a free resource to empower small to mid-size employers (any organization with under 400 employees) with the tools to conduct in-house, DIY gender and racial pay equity reviews. The Toolkit includes an Excel-based Equity Management Tool, a companion Pay Equity Playbook, as well as an interactive Compensation Philosophy Worksheet, a Pay Equity Plan Template, and a Performance Rubric.  These tools were created by Sadowski Consulting Services in partnership with Change The Story VT, an initiative of VCW, the Vermont Women's Fund, and Vermont Works for Women.
Download the toolkit from our Change The Story Vt partner, Vermont Women's Fund


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Our Equal Pay Compact is a voluntary pledge Vermont-based employers sign to indicate their commitment to closing the gender wage gap. Compact signers commit to taking tangible, concrete action steps tailored to their own workplace.  Join the growing list of Vermont employers committed to ending the wage gap.  Sign up now and tell us what measures you will take to:

  • understand the causes of the wage gap
  •  take action to help close the wage gap

With your help, we can cultivate a more equitable workforce and a prosperous economy where all talent is valued.  

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